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  1. Hello!!

    I would like to know if anyone out there has graduated at HPU or is currently in HPU right now?
    I just got accepted recently. I am currently a nursing student here at the mainland (supposedly gonna graduate next yr with my ADN) but moving I am moving to live in Hawaii in a month. They accepted me as a pre-nursing major. Can someone tell me how is it like there? How are the nursing classes?
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  3. by   jpeters84
    You need to do a search on HPU or Hawaii Pacific University on this site. There has been plenty written about Hawaii Pacific University. I am currently a student and I hate to tell you this, but do yourself a favor and do not go to HPU for nursing school. It's a nightmare. Search further and you can read all of my postings and other peoples about why. Good luck to you!
  4. by   jpeters84
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  5. by   LittleMissDingBat
    Thanks for your reply. I just searched and read about HPU. there's only 3 colleges in the island of oahu... I have spoken to an advisor.. Honestly I did not feel a welcomed.. Instead, I was threatened. I feel so low.. instead of being excited.
  6. by   jpeters84
    Go to KCC. Get on that waiting list. Or become an LPN, do the LPN to RN online. There are options. Just DO NOT go to HPU. It's worth waiting for KCC.
  7. by   jpeters84
    PS the reason the advisor was so rude was because we have 1700 nursing students but only about 450 in the nursing program. That leaves 1250 pre-nursing students trying for 140 spots. There's already too many pre-nursing students; the nursing school doesn't want anymore, but the university keeps accepting them (I wonder why, hmmm...$$$$).
  8. by   saymo82
    I just moved back to the mainland from Oahu in August and was weighing my options for nursing school if we had stayed in Hawaii. Based on what I learned I would highly recommend not going to HPU. KCC and UH are way better options, you might have to wait to get into the program, but it will be worth it later on. The only thing HPU is interested in is your money. Red flags went off for me when I was accepted into their program immediately upon applying when I knew that KCC and UH had a wait list. This to me was not a good sign...

    I took a few pre-reqs at KCC and loved the school, but if I had stayed in Hawaii I probably would have tried for the UH program just because they offer a BSN instead of an ADN. Since I already have a BA it didn't seem to make sense to me to do the ADN. I also hear unless you are a LONG time resident of the state it's pretty much impossible to get into the KCC program. Don't know the validity behind that, but I do know that everyone I met that was in the program there was born and raised on the island...

    Anyway the pickins are slim in the islands, get the best grades you can and stay away from HPU!