haven't started yet, have questions

  1. I should be starting my ASN program in fall 06. Here are some of my questions:

    will I start with clinicals my first semester, or does that come later?
    were any of you able to work full time and do well in school?
    What is a preceptor? When I finished my degree, I had to complete 9 months of supervised practice before being granted a full license. Is it kind of like that?

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  3. by   mom2michael
    Clinicals: every program is different, we started ours the last 4 weeks of our 1st semester, then each semester thereafter - its all 16 weeks of clinicals. Our clinicals are 1 day week for 12 hours.

    No, I can't work full time and go to school. It's not possible for me because my family is still very important in my life, so is sleep. I do however work part time and still have benefits. Works out well. I'm required to work 36 hours a pay period to keep my benefits, I usually work 48. The place I work is very good at helping me out when I need it and letting me adjust my hours as needed.

    We have a clinical instructor in the area where we are (OB, Peds, Med/Surg, etc...) but when we do outside rotations (such as ER, ICU, CVICU, cath lab, etc...) we are paired with a nurse who is a preceptor for the hosptial. He/she is who we turn to for the day with questions, problems, since our clinical instructor is not there...

    Good luck!!!