good visual aid for muscles?

  1. Hi, we are just starting muscles and the first thing the teacher went over was the cellular process of muscle contractions. He had this drawing with the actin, myosin, tropomysin, and troponin. He even said that the drawing wasn't very good and I have to say I am still a bit confused. I was just wondering if any of you have found anything that describes how this works clearly and easy to understand. Any suggestions would be appreciated and I will pass it on to my teacher too as he posts stuff like that on the class web page for all the students. Thanks in advance, Kimberly
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  3. by   DebiF

    I feel for you. I just finished the muscles last week with a really tuff instructor. However, she is a researcher and gave us a lot of information. If you do searches on the internet for sarcomeres and myofilaments as well as any number of other things you can get some really good information.

    If all else fails try Grays Anatomy, it is my mainstay.
  4. by   kats
    I actually had a Gray's Anatomy when I was in high school, but a friend of my brother's was going to medical school and I gave it to him. I figured I could always get another copy when I really needed it. He became a surgeon. I went today and got myself another copy.
  5. by   marci3335
    Here's the website for some cat muscles. Good luck!