Good books this summer????

  1. I am working on my prereq's right now, and I am taking micro and nutrition in the fall, then I have A&P left after that. Are there any good books that I could be reading this summer that might prepare me in any way for the nursing classes? Since I haven't even been accepted into the nursing program, is it too early to read any books regarding the testing procedures for NCLEX, or should I just chill out this summer?! I feel like I NEED to be doing SOMETHING, maybe I am just very anxious about this whole thing...
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  3. by   StudentSandra
    chill ......
    while you have the chance.....
  4. by   marci3335
    When I read the subject line I thought maybe you meant books for pleasure! I opted to take the summer off- to rejuvinate for the next semester. I'm currently reading a book published by a close friend of mine (I promised her I'd get to it this summer.) I'm also starting Yoga classes this summer. I need to find an outlet for stress! Good luck to you!

    Oh by the way- I'm planning on doing a little reading ahead for next semester. Just to get a basic concept of what the semester has in store!

  5. by   MPHkatie
    If you have kids, spend time reading with them. but since you want to read, you would probably enjoy Echo Heron's books- tending lives, Mercy, and Intensive Care are a few of the titles. i really enjoyed these when i was in school.

    Anyone wanting total non-nursing take me away reading shoudl read Facing the Congo By Jonathon Tayler, very good book. I'm int he middle of ti right now....
  6. by   ashemson
    You guys are right, I guess I should just chill out this summer! I have been in the studying mode all semester, and it's hard to change gears I guess. Thanks all!