Glasgow Coma Scale and levels of conscoiusness

  1. Hi everybody,

    We are just about to take our final in Health Assessment, and I need to know a few things. Can anyone please offer me as much data as possible on:

    1) How to describe the various levels of consciousness

    2) the Glasgow Coma Scale

    3) Common assessments for patients with asthma, atelectasis, lobar pneumonia, congestive heart failure, and venous stasis.

    4) How to write up an assessment for COPD and heart failure patients (common observations made about these patients)

    5) Know where to assess is a lymph node were enlarged.

    We just got our final review, and our instructor has not been very informative with these topics. Our textbook doesn't seem to be very straightforward either. Can anyone please offer me some help with these topics?

    Thankyou, I really appreciate all the useful information I receive here at Allnurses. I can always count on y'all for lots of useful data.

    Thanks everybody,
    Good luck to you all on your finals,

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