Getting Readt for Fall!

  1. Hi my name is April I'm 29 and will be starting pre-nursing
    classes this fall! I have'nt been to school in over 10yrs....3 young
    boys ages 5, 2 & 1 ! My husband is currently attending law school. By
    the time I have my degree my youngest will be in kindergarten! I am
    taking my pre-req's at a local community 2 yr college and then plan
    on going to baylors nursing program........I hope..I have to keep
    very good grades to get into that program inparticular. I am on this
    board almost daily to see what everybodys up too, I don't post alot
    just read :-) I will admit that I look foward to school! I have been
    at stay at home mom for 5 yrs now and although I know school will be
    hard it will be nice to have a break from the kiddeos and get to talk
    to adults! I am taking English, Math, Intro to Socialogy and A&P
    1...I figure A&P will be my hardest class? anybody else going to
    school with a house full of kiddeos? I pray I can do this and do well
    in school.
    Goodluck to ALL....especially ME......hehehe :-)

    Oh! I almost forgot! Does anybody have any good study tips or advice
    on my A&P class? I though about getting flash cards and going ahead
    and getting started learning....BUT I'm worried about learning the
    wrong things? I would love to have a little head start on this
    class..any ideas?
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