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  1. Greetings all,

    I have been fortunate enough to be accepted into the spring class 08 at Frankford in Philly and had a question going out to any current/former students. I've had all prereqs completed (AP1 + 2, Microbio, Chem, etc.) from my former ASN program at a Comm College where a poor final exam grade got me out of the program by a few points (I audited 2nd semester the first time so it was considered a 2nd attempt).

    The curriculum (15 week sessions) includes clinicals with what appears to be science with lab courses. I will assume these are classes taken concurrently with the clinicals, and that they represent the prereqs I have already taken. Will I be able to just take the clinical portion during the session, and more importantly, will this lower my tuition due to just credit cost vs. the semester stated costs of around $2,800? Money is tight (as I know it is with all of us), and I'm hoping this will be the case. I have an email out to the school with an inquiry about this, but wanted to get input firsthand from students who have been in the program. All and any POV or advice is so greatly appreciated!


    Congrats again to Kenny and Ashley, my new classmates
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