For those in Accelerated BSN Programs

  1. Here's my problem...I'm currently in school trying to get my pre reqs out of the way so that I can hopefully start nursing school in either fall 08 or spring 09. I already have a B.S (literaly) degree in Information Technologies that I'm not doing a thing with. Basically I'm debating between doing a traditional BSN program and an ABSN program. Both are offered at the school I'm currently attending.

    1st Option: If I decide to do the traditional program I could start in August of 08. I'd have to take out loans which would probably end up costing me about $23,000 all together assuming I have a budget of about $4500 a semester. Add that to the $21,000 I still owe for my first undergraduate degree. Basically after I graduate I'm looking at paying about $44,000 back in loans.

    2nd Option: If I do the ABSN program, I would start in Jan 09. The program will take 13 months to complete...It's extremely intensive and from what I've heard extremely stressful. I honestly do not like to study and I am such a procrastinator but I do what I have to do to maintain a 3.5 or higher far a 3.8 (luckily) The program is fully paid for by the hospital I currently work at. The catch is I'd have to sign a 3 year contract with the hospital once I graduate.

    I really would like to try travel nursing after having at most a year of experience. The 3 year contract would pretty much put that on hold. Although the fact that I wouldn't have to pay for it or have to worry about loans (from my nursing degree) after I graduate makes option 2 so very tempting.

    I've been doing some research and I came across a federal loan repayment program that I could maybe apply for if I decided to do the traditional program. Honestly I'm just being impatient and really want to start working as a nurse...ASAP

    I need some help...what suggestions can those of you who are in an ABSN programs offer me? Considering my issue with procrastination should I take it a little easier or is it going to be the same either way?

    Thanks in advance for all comments!!!!!!
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  3. by   Wondergirl0905
    how long would the traditional BSN program last? would the time in an accelarated program plus the 3-year contract be about the same?

    I am 7 weeks into a 16-month ABSN program and it is pretty gruelling, no job (some students do) and studying every day, no way around it. I have no life, husband who?, my house is a disaster, but I will be done next December so it is completely worth it. consider both of your options as pretty great ones - there are no other programs like this where I live (NH) so my choices were limited. I had almost 40K from my first BS, which is now down to 13K, but I'll be adding another 70K from this program (44K just for tuition and the rest for living expenses). I looked into the federal loan forgiveness program too - also requires a committment of 2-3 years and they give preference to those you have a 0 (zero) ECF on the FAFSA. since my husband's income is included for FAFSA, I probably won't be eligible. but I can work per diem OT shifts in Boston once a week and make a ton of money!

    good luck with your decision!
  4. by   EDnurse2009
    I am in a ABSN program right now and I definitely do not recommend it to anyone who procrastinates. It is really INTENSE. As the previous poster said, you have to study everyday and there is no way around it. This is not like my previous BA degree when I could wait to study until the day before the exam. There is just too much information to learn in a short amount of time in an accelerated program. I hope this has helped. Good luck on coming to a decision.
  5. by   Megsd
    Yeah, if you're a procrastinator an ABSN program is not for you. There is no time to catch up on things if you have put them off. You will also want to consider whether the money the hospital it giving you is enough for tuition and living expenses, or just tuition. You may end up needing loans for living expenses anyway, because you will be discouraged from working during the program, and it may not be possible with your schedule anyway.

    I am almost done with my program and am glad I went this route, but it has been a very long, hard road, and if I didn't already have good study habits I think I would have gotten myself into big trouble.

    Good luck with your decision.
  6. by   MB37
    I agree with other posters - don't do the ABSN if you're not ready to work your behind off. I'm in one too, and even though mine is longer than most (5 semesters), we still have a ton of work to do. You're going to have to get over your procrastination and bad study habits anyway, even for a regular program, but you may be able to work a shift or two a week somewhere and qualify for either tuition reimbursement through another hospital, or at least start making payments on the loans from your first degree. I usually highly recommend ABSN programs, but not if you're not ready to buckle down and have no life.
  7. by   MotivatedOne
    I wouldn't necessarily say I have bad study habits just time management problems. Then again it could be a bit of both. I do want to learn, and I do want to take in all the information I can and put it to good use.

    I spoke with an advisor and she said that they do not recommend me having a part time job while doing the ABSN program. The program is so highly intensive that it's pretty much considered a full-time job with over time.

    I'm just so ready to like move on with my life. Contrary to what my user name says day after day I'm feeling less and less motivated. It could be my age thing and the fact that at times I feel like a complete loser seeing all of the new RN graduates who are like at least 3 years younger than me making more than me and doing better than me...financially of course. I guess that could be why the ABSN programs are so appealing to me.

    Honestly I don't have a life now. My life consists of basically watching movies all day while waiting for this semester and the next 2 semesters to end. I think that I will end up doing the traditional program as opposed to the ABSN program considering the only difference in the two is 3 months. That way I'm free to go wherever I'd like and not obligated to stay here another 3 years if I don't want to. Not only that but I'd get to start the traditional program sooner, and I recently found out that if I decide to switch to the ABSN program I can.

    I appreciate your replies. They've really opened my eyes and caused me to ask myself whether or not I'm taking this whole nursing thing seriously. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

    Take care,
  8. by   enfermera1
    I am not in a BSN program but I am in MSN program and my employer pays for it. I also have a 3 yr. contract. My suggestion would be let the hospital pay work your 3 yrs, and then you can travel debt free. 3 yrs go by fast and from where I see you are still young. If you dont want to be commited then take out a loan . You wont have a problem paying back. You will make the money once you finish. So , go for it and good luck.................
  9. by   Rage
    I'm a senior in a ABSN program with a business minor, and I would be really surprised if you could switch considering they are on different tracks. I'm 52, carry a 3.6 gpa, and work part time in ICU as a nurse tech. It can be done, but not if you procrastinate.
    If your paid $23.00 with a $3.00 diff for nights (most grads go for night shifts) then your looking at $3744/month for 4/36hr shifts, multiply that by 3 months (program difference) and you have a $11232 difference in the programs............thats what 3 months means.