Focused Assessment

  1. I need help. My instructor has told me I need to demonstrate a focused assessment. Problem is, we were never shown how to do it. I need to know what to start with and what to do. Please help me!
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  3. by   intuition
    Well, did the instructor say on which part of the body or what the focus was supposed to be on? Usually in a focused assessment you zoom in on what the problem area is. Have you been shown how to do a head to toe assessment yet? If you have then you have the basis down. Just take an area of a body and perform an assessment based on what was taught to you for the head to toe exam in that area of the body.
    Let's say it is a focused assessment for the foot area; you would check ROM, color of skin, capillary refill time of the toes, condition of skin, any gross abnormalities (open area, deformity), condition of nails, sensation to the foot, any pain (if so does it radiate, the rating, the quality, length of time), any previous history of feet issues, can the person tolerate weight bearing. This is some of the things I can think of off hand, but it is at least an idea.
    Sorry if this confused you, I hope it helps a little.
  4. by   reddhawk
    My instructor didn't say what it is to be focused on. I already know how to do a head to toe assessment. My biggest question is in which order do I assess? Do I assess the problem area first, then heart, lungs, and abdomen or vice versa? That's what really is throwing me. Thanks for any help.
  5. by   intuition
    It depends on if you have to assess the abd or cardiac area.
  6. by   reddhawk
    Well, they're telling me I need to assess cardiac, resp., abdomen as well as problem area. My question is what order do I assess in?
  7. by   avahnel
    You still work head to toe, so VS, heart sounds, lung sounds, abd assess. Fit the problem area where it fits head to toe wise. You always end up doing a brief neuro assessment also (A&Ox3, speech clear, answers questions appropriately ect.)