Finally confident in the hospital setting - it gets better

  1. A little background about me - I started nursing school (RN) a few years ago with zero patient care or healthcare experience. I just decided to make the leap and went for it. For the longest time I felt totally out of my element at clinicals. I didn't know how to talk to patients, I didn't know what *anything* in the hospital did, and I honestly just felt like I was useless and in the way the whole time.

    Fast forward to today, halfway through my second to last quarter in nursing school and I finally feel like I have something to contribute. Agonizing for all this time about how I know absolutely nothing and how I can't do anything in the real world has turned around this term and I couldn't be happier.

    So I just want to say this to the up and coming new and prospective RN students with no healthcare experience: It will be HARD. You will feel stupid and out of your element, and you will not know things that many of your classmates take for granted ( do I connect the pulse ox? uh oh...I put it upside down?...sorry..). But it gets better. I promise!

    The more you know the less you feel like you know because you know how much more there is to know!
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