Fccj & Sjrcc

  1. HEllo, I am applying this semester for FCCJ and dont think i will get in the first try and in the spring applying for Both FCCj & SJRCC

    my question is, how is the NET for SJRCC different to the NAT @ fccj
    ASLO- is the point system almost the same for SJRCC as it is with FCCJ.

    I already took my human nutrition class and did great in the class.
    I just need to know how the points work at SJRCC and if anyone has gotten in recently, how high were there points-

    thank you so much!
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  3. by   Eirene
    hi there!

    i don't know what fccj or sjrcc stand for; but there is a whole thread about it here.

    a lot of people don't know how to use the search function on the site-- all you do is scroll up to the top of the page, right underneath the different tabs and type in your search. i didn't realize it was there for the longest time.

    good luck!
  4. by   lmh47
    thank you, i use that all the time, but it also took me a few times-
    I read those threads and although they have helped so much,
    I need more info on Sjrcc points and all and how they are added.
    because the NEt and NAt are different and dont know how the scores are used.

    thank you for you help
  5. by   This Won't Hurt Much
    Ive taken the NET and the NAT. FCCJ's test is better and more appropriate. The SJRCC test asked a bunch of additional questions that don't apply, like questions about study habits and what type of learner you are (auditory, visual, etc....). SJRCC's test only requires that you pass; points aren't assessed for their test, unlike FCCJ's test. I believe the cut off points at FCCJ tend to be around 180-185, but I'd like confirmation on this from anyone else. Because of the new changes at SJRCC, I'm not sure what the point system is like there. Would love to know. I'd also like to know how difficult each program is. I've read that SJRCC isn't so hard?