Exams soon, help....

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am hoping to get some examples off you guys please to help with my studies
    Here are the questions

    Q1. Nursing is described as a profession. below are key characteristics of a profession.
    Briefly,(i) explain each characteristic
    (ii) apply the characteristic to the discipline of nursing.

    1. controlled entry
    2. specialised actions or activities
    3. autonomy
    4.a special relationship with society
    5. self regulation
    6. accountability
    7. specialised knowledge

    Q2. Briefly describe 2 ways an individual nurse might contribute to the professionalism of nursing?

    Q3. The Nursing Partnership (Christensen,1990) intergrates 3 major concepts:

    (i) The passage
    (ii) The context
    (iii) Mutual work

    Briefly explain what each concept means?

    I thank you all for any input you can give me.
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