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  1. Hi all..
    I am a bit new to the board but I am a up and coming Lpn student and I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice! I have to write an entrance essay on "Why I would like to be a nurse and why i would be a good student for the program." I know the answers to the questions but I'm not so good at writing them if you know what i mean! :uhoh21: Another thing.. I also have a interview with the Nursing Adminstrator up and coming and I was wondering if anyone could help me out on what to expect ! I am very excited but very nervous. anyone that can help me will be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   camiluvsNURSING
    i am applying to a very competitive private university and i am going to send my essay to www.essayedge.com, they will edit it for you and there is a couple of different services that you can pick from, check it out!

    best wishes in your career!!!
    do a search and it is another link about interview questions to help you prepare!
  4. by   tiff_faith2001
    thank you for that, I also have another question.. the school i plan on attenting is a vocational type school.. and its private.. do you think this will affect my resume in a bad way, and it will be hard for me to find work or even continue my education?
  5. by   hutchinson
    The whole application essay issue is kind of interesting. A friend and I have been reading the essays of as many successful applicants as we can get our hands on. We were both recently admitted to Linfield in Portland. Linfield is a private liberal arts college that has collaborated for years with the local Legacy hospital to put together their school of nursing. Anyway, the Linfield admittees all appear to have essays that were "literary" for lack of a better word. Interesting, personal, maybe even emotional and many of them used an unusual hook to capture the reader. On the other hand the successful candidates at OHSU, the Oregon state educational hospital, had essays that were very dense and factual - almost bullet point style as though trying to cram as much detail into the allowed 500 words as possible. And the OHSU offerings didn't seem to me to show much feeling or style. Might be a good idea to try to consult with a few students who were admitted to your school of choice last year.