Enrolled Nurse / Student RN in Australia - anyone else out there in the same boat?

  1. Hi, I am currently working as an Enrolled Nurse on a medical ward but am also studying for my RN at uni. Would love to hear from other Australians as to how they are finding uni and working at the same time. I think I'm thankful that although Im married I don't have kiddies because it involves alot of work as it is. I find being an EN is really helpful, though what annoys me is that a lot of the knowledge imparted to us at uni is not relevant in the work place. Catchya Jacqui
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  3. by   bkpiggy
    G'day Northern Territory!
    I to am an enrolled nurse currently at uni to become registered. I have just successfully finished first semester of second year. Yahoo! It is a bit difficult doing the transition from enrolled nurse one day to student RN the next. One day you can do nothing next day you're expected to give everything a try. I have found at work (anaesthetic department at Townsville General) that I am more inclined to play by the book now that I am more aware of the legal and ethical issues i.e drug keys, consent etc.
    I am married with one four year old so I find study time a little difficult to fir in at times but as they say "P's get degrees!"

    Anyway must away and pick up the little darling. Only 6 more days holidays arghhhhhh!:
  4. by   TerritoryNurse
    I am at about the same stage as you but thanks to the programme Im doing, I missed out on the first prac as they recognised my EN experience as covering this. LOL I should think so, I mean Ive only been making beds, and lifting and doing observations etc for the last eleven years or so
    best of luck