english student nurse.HI!!!

  1. Hi,i'm a student nurse in northern England at university and would really like to get in touch with student nurses/nurses from your side of the world to compare notes and generally gossip!If anyone is interested feel free to email me at feelou79@hotmail.com.Thanks Fiona
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  3. by   lance
    HI fiona nice to hear from you and I would love to hear more about being a student nurse in England.
  4. by   Kiwi Ali

    I'm from New Zealand too, and my birth Mum is an RN over in Chesterfield UK. What year are you?
    I'm doing a Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing) degree, 3 years with a Polytechnic.
    I'm nearing the end of Year 1, out on clinical 2 days and in class 3 days a week, doing elderly care placements in rest homes.
    We have heaps of assignments due in November - an individual verbal presentation on Knowledge in Nursing, a group of 3 verbal pharmacology presentation, a 2500 word essay on a Social Science topic, and a group of 6 visual presentation on a community health assessment. Plus a care plan and assessment on an elderly client, with a clinical learning log as well.
    Love to hear what your course is like.