1. Hi all! This being my first post here, I'm not sure where to start so I'll just start with my current situation. I am currently a nursing student and will graduate next month. (Is it May already!? Wow.)

    Anywho, I think I'm psyching myself out. I'm precepting now in a small (but busy!) ED with a great nurse. Now granted, I've only completed three days so far and I know there is a certain settling time required for any situation.. but I'm just- irritated with myself.

    I'm totally willing to do anything I'm asked, and I know I'm a smart girl and can do most anything with a little guidance, but I think my problem is this:

    1) I need a little "push" sometimes to boost my self confidence on performing certain procedures, especially those I'm doing for the first time alone, and

    2) I think I also worry too much about "slowing down" the nurses I"m helping. Often times I'm noticing I hesitate to offer to take over a task for them because I feel like if I "mess up" or "miss something" along the way, then it'll just take more time for them to go back and fix it. (ie, I'm a bit slow/disorganized yet with paper charting such as during initial assessment as all hospitals I've been to have computer charting).

    I feel like this sort of hesitation will make them think that I either don't want to help them, or just don't know how- neither is the case!!

    There is really no specific reason for me to feel this way right out of the gate, as everyone I'm meeting and working with is super-nice and very helpful.. but they are also so quick with their tasks and great at what they do. I know I"m not expected to be at that level yet.. but sometimes when I'm working on something (in slow-mo compared to what they do, lol :spin and they wisk in behind me and finish up what I'm doing, it makes me feel like I'm 'in the way," I guess.

    Anyway, this is my whine for the day. Any guidance or sympathy to offer? As I said this was my first week there, so I'm likely just being hard on myself.. I do plan to talk about all of this to my nurse next time we work together, but I guess I'm just looking for some outside stories, aside from my friends in school.. a more anonymous thing, kwim?
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  3. by   86toronado
    The ED is a difficult place to start out. Don't get too discouraged if you don't know exactly what to do after just a week! I recently completed precepting in an ICU setting, and felt in the way a lot of the time. My preceptor wasn't one to ask me to do things, so if I wanted to experience something, I had to just jump in and do it. And often times I'd find her coming along behind me and "fixing" things that I did without telling me. But overall it was a great experience, and I think I'll be a better nurse because of it. Keep your chin up!
  4. by   tnbutterfly
    Hello and welcome to allnurses!!

  5. by   SoClose!
    Thanks so much guys. I do feel better today, and after thinking more on it yesterday realized how silly it is to be hard on myself already. I really do take a bit of soaking in time before I really warm up to a place, and hopefully I'll feel more on top of things this coming week and beyond that..

    I'm just in total disbelief that I'm almost finished with this "chapter" of my education!