Drexel ACE Program - Fall 2007

  1. I will be starting the ACE Program at Drexel University in the fall of 2007. I was just wondering if anyone here is currently in the program (or if anyone here will be in the ACE program in Fall 2007).

    For those who are currently in the program:
    1. Are you getting any scholarships?
    2. If you have been offered a job, do they offer to pay some of the tuition?
    3. How do you like the program?

    Thanks in advance for the responses!
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  3. by   Lawrence34

    I am also attending the program in Fall of 07'

    Right now I have nothing figured out other than I am going to have to take out a huge private loan to cover my expenses for the year!
  4. by   foleyb27
    I am starting the ACE program in April of '07 and dont have much info either, yet. It seems they like to string things out as long as possible, or so Ive heard, but I will keep you posted on anyhting I hear of.
  5. by   Dreamer15
    Hi everyone,

    I'm starting in the Fall of 07. I was wondering the same things. I plan on taking out a private loan. I will be moving to Philadelphia in August. I have yet to look for an apartment. Any recommendations on what areas are nice but affordable to rent? Thanks.
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  7. by   jes830
    I am in my last quarter right now. I finish on Friday (assuming I pass the final HESI). To answer your questions...
    1. No scholarships for me - just loans
    2. I have a job at NYU medical and they will pay for my masters when I go back for it.
    3. The program is insanely rigorous. Doable but very rigorous. Prepare to have no life for a year. I don't say that to scare you but just to be honest. If you cannot learn fast or handle stress, or you are entering nursing for the wrong reason, you may want to reconsider. I really enjoyed learning so staying in 90% of the weekends wasn't a huge deal to me. It is very intense and very fast...just know that. Stay on top of the work, do the readings and you will be ok