Dove uniform sizing

  1. Anybody use Dove uniforms? I am ordering mine for NS this fall, and after I filled out the sizing form, they told me to get L unisex pant, S unisex scrub top, and S unisex lab jacket. The S recommendation seems strange to me. Do they tend to run large? I thought I'd be at least a medium. Does their sizing tool work well?
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  3. by   Spoiled1
    Dove Uniforms (tops)are pretty much true to size. Sorry didn't need their pants, we could get our own. They don't run as big as some, but not as small as others. I know this doesn't help much, but if you feel like you need a Medium, then order that. Better safe than sorry!
  4. by   Soon2BNurse3
    The great thing about Dove....if the pants/top don't fit, you can call/e-mail them and they'll send you out another size even before you send the originals back. I was told to get a small (per their size chart) and ended up with XS's. Don't know if you've ever worn regular scrubs....if so, go with what you normally wear in those. Hope that helps...
  5. by   RockinLadySN
    We had to order Dove uniforms, and like Spoiled1 said, they are pretty true to size and even our professors told us to go by the measurements they list. It wanted me to take an XS in my zip top, and I was floored.. I don't think I've ever worn an extra small! lol But, I trusted the measurements and went ahead and got the XS. It fit perfectly. It told me to get that size in my lab coat too, but I ordered a small. An XS would have fit, I just like the larger size and 'feel' for an outer lab coat.

    The pants are the same, but don't get the 'long' size unless you REALLY think you need the length. Many students in my class have had to alter the pants because they were too long.. and they just ordered the regular/normal length! One girl ordered long, because she always wore long in jeans... yeah, she had to hem them too. lol :spin: