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  1. I don't post here much, mostly just lurk and read, but I thought this warranted mention. I just got word today that I passed my CNA practical skills exam (second time taking it - first time I was so nervous I forgot to wash my hands!). Good, right? The problem, though, is I wouldn't have passed if I hadn't disputed the original results. The testing agency reported that I failed my second attempt as well, but luckily they detailed what exactly I missed and I noticed several things that I *did* do, that the examiner reported I did not. I e-mailed the agency and asked how I could contest the results and received instructions to write a complete detailed description of what I did for those skill sets, which I did, and send it to a particular person. A few days later, after keeping on them about how long it would take to receive any kind of response, I got the letter saying I had, in fact, passed. I'm happy, since I've worked hard and really feel I know what I'm doing, but at the same time I realize if I hadn't spoken up about it and just rolled over (as used to be my first reaction) I would have to be testing again.

    Just wanted to leave a note here for anyone else taking whatever nursing exams - the testing agencies are just people to and may make mistakes. Don't let them intimidate or push you around; stand up for yourself. I'm a relatively timid person, though learning to be assertive, but I'm glad I stuck up for myself this time. Kudos to everyone who's had to step out of their comfort zone, I now feel for you
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  3. by   Nashima
    Congrats on passing the skills exam! :wink2: