Director of LPN program license is expired

  1. THe Director of The LPN program that im in has a expired license the reason why I know this is becasue one of the fellow students looked her up on some kind of database that let you know the status of someones license. MY ? is can the director of a LPN program be working with a expired license? Im figuring since she isnt practicing as a CRNP anymore then why renew her license.. IM just wondering.. her title is RN,MSN,CRNP. Are you suppose to keep your license current at all times...
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  3. by   zacarias
    Hey there,
    Is her expired license an LPN license? If so, it's perfectly fine for her to have an expired LPN license and current RN license. In fact it makes total sense. You are held to the standard of your highest nursing license. This means that if you were an LPN and became an RN, you are held to the standard of an RN set forth by your state board of nursing.