Davidson County Community College LPN to ADN 2018

  1. Hey! I'm waiting to hear back from DCCC about the LPN to RN program for Fall 2018. Anyone else waiting to hear back as well??
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  3. by   suziep
    I am.. So anxious.
  4. by   suziep
    What did you make on the TEAS?
  5. by   bcoggins
    I made an 82. How did you do?
  6. by   suziep
    You should definitely get it. I only made a 73. I managed to get into Stanly county last year with that score & they only excepted 16 out of 140 applicants... but life happened and here I am trying again. We shall see.. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Good luck!
  7. by   bcoggins
    Is Stanly County an online program?
  8. by   tmgordon
    I also applied.
  9. by   bcoggins
    How did you do on your TEAS test? Did you apply anywhere else?
  10. by   tmgordon
    I got a 76. I wonder what is going to be a good score
  11. by   Tara0404
    Waiting not so patiently with you guys!!
  12. by   tmgordon
    What did u make on the tease?
  13. by   rondaCMA
    I'm waiting to hear back. I made an 82 on my Teas.
  14. by   tmgordon
    Did you all apply to the Lpn to rn program or just the Lpn program