Current, Past, Future Seattle U APNI Students?

  1. Hello everyone! I recently had an interview for Seattle University's APNI program (to begin summer 2010). I'm looking to hear feedback from any current, past or (possibly) future students in the program or college (if you are in a different SU nursing program, I'd still love to hear from you). I am very drawn to the school because of it's mission and vision and just generally have a good feeling about it.

    Anyone have any comments or opinions?

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  3. by   BayAreagirl
    The instructor at SU are caring, and the school is true to their mission statement, but the place is totally disorganized. I am in my second year of the FNP program and I wished I'd gone elsewhere. A couple of my friends went to OHSU for other programs and LOVE IT their. Another friend ended up at Portland CC and says it's pretty quality education.

    The SU facilities are nice and the classroom sizes are small, but given a chance to decide again, I'd probably choose to go to the school that doesn't do everything at the last moment. No matter where you go though, we all end up in the same place at the end of the day. I'm sure you will make a great nurse. Best wishes.
  4. by   malapata
    BayAreagirl, Thank you so MUCH for responding to my post. I have been dying to talk to someone in the APNI program. I'd really like to continue this conversation.

    I'm sorry to hear about the disorganization. Saying that you wished you'd gone elsewhere is using some pretty strong words. I'm sorry you feel that way. In what aspect is the program disorganized? Is it the administration? The faculty?

    I've been accepted to another program but it's in New York state and I currently live in CA (bay area as well!) and would like to stay closer to family, if possible. The program in NY is also much longer (it could take me four years if I take a year off to work as an RN in order to receive tuition reimbursement for the Masters portion) and much more expensive (~100k if I do the three years all in a row without working). One concern I have with SU is that the program is too short...I wonder if I will have had enough experience when I'm done. How do you feel about this? Are you planning on working as an RN at all during your 2nd year? I know it must be hard to do that -if not totally impossible- considering the extreme pace of the program. Are your fellow classmates feeling the disorganization you mentioned as well?

    I'd really like to continue this conversation with you, and if you'd feel more comfortable I can send you my email address in a private message. Please let me know.

    Again, thank you SO MUCH for writing!! :heartbeat
  5. by   jjsrn1
    I currently work with an APNI student who graduated last year. Overall, she said the program was strong and almost all of the students in the FNP track found jobs. Of course there are kinks like any program. For example, she told me that Seattle U does not have a lot of contracts with clinics/hospitals in the area and so it's sometimes hard to be placed during rotations. They strongly enourage their students to take the initiative to find their own placements. She also told me that it is difficult to study for the NCLEX because you have so little time, though I'm sure that's true for most entry-level MSN programs. She also had a little trouble with the thesis portion, since her chair did not have much time to devote to her project. My grad program was totally disorganized, but I made it out because I always stayed on top of things. So, it's definitely doable.

    Malapata, you might be interested in a conversation that I had a couple of nights ago with an NP I shadowed last year. She recommended working as an RN first before working as an NP. The experience you get as a nurse is invaluable and will help you become a great NP, plus you will have many opportunities to sharpen your critical thinking skills. She worked with an APNI student and an ELMSN student from PLU recently and found that they both lacked the critical thinking skills that are vital to the NP profession. She eventually recommended that they both repeat their peds rotations. It was just a recommendation, so I'm not sure that the schools actually made them repeat. But, her main point was that it's harder to develop critical thinking skills if you don't have experience as a nurse first. If I had the financial support, I would definitely attend Jefferson's BSN/MSN FACT program, but that is likely not going to happen. Jefferson considers first year students "undergrads" in their program, and I've been having difficulty finding private loans for undergrad students. So I may have to make the best of it at SU...I will just have to work a little harder at sharpening my critical thinking skills
  6. by   malapata

    Thanks so much for your thoughts. Today (I say "today" because lately I feel like I have a different view everyday), I am leaning more towards the program at the University of Rochester which allows you to take a year off after completing an accelerated BSN to work as an RN if you want. I am also worried about cost. Their program is twice as much as SU, but if I get a job at one of their hospitals I'll become eligible for tuition reimbursement. There are some hard decisions to be made in the coming weeks. I wish you the best of luck with whatever you do. I think you'll be fine no matter where you decide to go. You seem like a very level headed and caring person.
  7. by   jjsrn1
    Awww, thanks Malapata! I'm sure you'll do well wherever you decide to attend, too. Good luck! :-)
  8. by   JSBH
    I completely understand. In the last 24 hours I've been waivering heavily. It's a big decision, especially when it involves a major move. We all want to make the right decision for ourselves, and there will always be people who have had positive and negative experiences with each program. I was in love with UCSF's program until I spoke with some current students and faculty. Nothing is perfect, but like anything in life, it is what you make of it. I just wish I genuinely knew what my options were. It's nice that you guys have that luxury...I'll call today. Maybe there will be more news.
  9. by   malapata
    JSBH, I think you mentioned in another thread that you had been admitted to Samuel Merritt. If it means anything I used to volunteer with someone who was admitted there and she was very happy with the program the last time I saw her.
  10. by   jjsrn1
    JSBH - I felt the SAME way about UCSF. Did you interview with them? I was enamored with the MEPN program until I went down there for my interview. It wasn't what I thought it would be. And I was surprised that they were a bit behind tech-wise. I definitely agree with you that life is what you make of it! I hope you hear back from SU very soon. Good luck! :-)
  11. by   JSBH
    Thanks you guys. I just found out that I'm waitlisted for Seattle University. So, Samuel Merritt is becoming a very strong option. I'm looking into the logistics since I hadn't given it much though before now. It is a great program and I got great vibes from the faculty and current students. Their facility isn't as shiny and new as Seattle's, but it is fully equipped. I have heard from my friend that Seattle's program is great. So, don't worry about that. I never interviewed with UCSF..the irony. UCSF didn't want to interview me, Samuel Merritt gave me early acceptance, and Seattle U put me on the waitlist. It's completely arbitrary. This process could make anyone doubt themselves. I do strongly vote for private school over public, especially in California right now. There is a nice insulation that happens. UCSF is not protected from all the budget cuts in California. The NP that I volunteer with is a volunteer instructor (meaning they do not pay her...) how is it possible that UC cannot pay their instructors? But that is the reality of the public system at all levels right now. Either way, we'll all be fine. We are accepted to programs and in a few years we will all be NPs. It's been wonderful getting to know you both over the last few weeks now. I wish you the best of luck!
  12. by   malapata
    Good luck to you too, JSBH!!
  13. by   rockett
    Hi Everyone,

    I also applied to SeattleU FNP and am still waiting to hear back about their decision, however, I did not feel very confident about my interview. Currently, I have been accepted to UW and Yale, but am leaning heavily toward UW. I have heard both negative and positive things from current and alumni students about UW and SeattleU. It seems like MPHgirl said all programs have some problems and most of these direct-entry programs are disorganized. The most common remark I've heard about UW is a disappointment in the teachers, being that they are more focused on their research than teaching and a lack of any guidance or advising. While, at SeattleU being a teaching school seems to be their priority, you can add your opinion from personal experience Bayareagirl.

    Personally, I feel SeattleU is a bit inflexible in their scheduling, probably because it is a two year program and they simply don't have time to individualize clinical rotations to match your specialty interests that go beyond FNP. My interests are in neurology and the faculty I've spoken with at UW are very encouraging about the potential to do rotations in neuro facilities and work with a neuro faculty member as an advisor, but who knows until I actually start the program.

    JSBH, I know a faculty member at Samuel Merrit who is a wonderful person and nurse and truly believes in the strength and success of the program. I think it is a great option if you choose to take it.

    Did anyone else apply to UW or have any opinions about UW in comparison to SeattleU to share? I wish all of you well in your decisions and in your careers! Good luck!
  14. by   Meredith09
    Hey guys! I applied for the 2010 FNP APNI program as well--just wondering how many of you have heard from Seattle U? Of all the schools I applied to, they are the only one that I haven't heard a word from since submitting my app. Good luck to all!