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    I was just wondering what your advice would be. This spring will be my first semester starting my ADN in nursing. I work full time and I plan to take chemistry, intro to sociology and anatomy & physiology. Do you think this course load is too much with the science courses? I have worked full time and taken 12 credits a semester before this but I know science courses are different in that they are more difficult/challenging. What do you think?
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  3. by   memphispanda
    I worked full-time and took Chemistry and A&P I at the same time. It worked for me--I got As in both of them. It all depends on the amount of work your particular instructors will require.
  4. by   emily_mom
    I also did it, but I only worked part-time. Is it possible for you to cut your hours down if it gets too intense? Do you work a lot of weekends or have kids/husband/s.o.?
  5. by   2banurse
    The problem isn't that you are taking the 3 classes, just remember that in both of your science classes you will be taking lab classes! So in essence that would be like taking 5 classes time-wise (a full-time schedule). I would suggest that you take the sociology at another time, especially if it is your plan to enter nursing school sooner.

  6. by   dframirez
    I'm a mom, a wife and I have to work full time. Unfortunately my job is not flexible in their hours. I work for the state and they are open business days/hours only. I do have off every weekend. See in order for me to get into the nursing program I still have to take my general education courses before they accept me for their clinicals and sociology is one of them(if I want to transfer to a 4 year afterwards). I just wish I could do this in the 2 years that they say. After seeing the "I hate A&P" thread I think I'm better off taking it slowly I was just hoping that would be a realistic goal(to take 3 classes), but now realizing how though the classes are from hearing others I think it may not be wise. I may just do some classes in the summer.

    Darn it! I wish I could quit my job and just study. If my husband was not going to job corps I would do that and then he can work. Oh well...I'll just go with the flow.

    BTW I like this board. You all seem nice people here.