Congrats everyone who pass this fall semester

  1. congrats to everyone who passed their fall semester....
    There were about 3-4 in my class who unfortunately did not make it. Im on my second year in a BA program does anyone know what I need to look forward to for the Spring/Fundamentals of Nursing 2/ and Integrative Physiology....I really would appreciate if anyone can give me sum input....THANK YOU :spin: :spin:
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  3. by   David's Harp
    I'll second this. At our school, they kicked off the year announcing something to the effect of, "I know, you've all heard that this is the semester where we 'weed people out', but it's not true at all!", and by Thanksgiving there were some names mysteriously missing. It was stressful for me, because I totally bombed the research paper, but got B-ish exam scores, where a lot of A-students from last year were failing tests this year.

    Somehow it's all too easy to draw parallels to "Project Runway"...Hmmmm....
  4. by   barbnyc
    Congrats to those of us who are moving forward. I can't believe what I had to invest in time to get A's in my first semester. Nursing school is a full-time job. I'm grateful I had all the science courses done before I started the nursing course, because I would not have been able to manage my studies.

    They gave us a reading list for the break. I have three chapters in the Psychiatric Nursing text. We're covering Reproductive Health, Med-Surg and OB/GYN this semester. I also have to read one Chapter in the Maternal Health text on the reproductive system. In addition, I have to read sections from the Med-Surg book covering "The Client with Regulatory Deficits" and from the Fundamentals text for "The Client with Psychosocial Deficits".

    Good luck to you this semester.
  5. by   DisneyNurse18
    What a semester!!! Thanks! I really felt bad after taking my final. I did not like one question on it. It was HARD!!! I studied for three days like hour after hour, plus the studying I did all along the semester, and I felt that all that studying did not help me one bit on that final.

    I was sooooooooooo surprised that I passed after having a gut wreching feeling that I did not. At the beginning of the semester we had 32 and at the end we had 19 who made it. to my surprise the 19 of us that were left all passed! I am looking forward to next semester!

    Just hoping I dont end up with the clinical nazi again!