computer used in nursing practice

  1. Hi, everyone:

    I learn the topic of computer used in nursing, I feel it has many advantages within the health care.

    Use the computer to record admission information. As you collect data, enter data about the patient's health status, history, chief complaint, and other assessments.

    Nursing diagnosis
    You use clinical judgment to determine a nursing diagnosis for each patient, you can get information related to that diagnosis.

    To help you begin writing a plan of care, Computers also can track outcomes for large patient populations.

    Use the computer to record interventions and patient information, such as transfer and discharge instructions, to communicate the information to other departments.

    Use computers to compare large amounts of patient data, help identify outcomes patients are likely to achieve based on individual problems and needs.

    Computer is very useful tool to help nurses promoting clients' health well-being.

    Thnak you very much!

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