COC Nursing Program Fall 2013

  1. Hey everyone! I am starting this thread for all the new nursing students starting the RN program in the fall. I for one am SOOOO excited! I am hoping to get to know some of the other students before we begin...Good luck and congrats to all who have been excepted! I am excited to embark on this adventure and hope we can get to know each other.

    Tell me about yourself-
    I am a mother of 3
    30 years old
    I grew up in SCV but have lived in Sacramento for the last 7 years
    Moved back to Saugus area for the program
    Work at Henry Mayo
    Been a CNA for 5 years
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  3. by   CristinaOgm
    Hi, i've been accepted and honestly im so nervous about nursing school because i lack any experience. But i am very very excited i got in!!!!! I have a 3 year old. I live in northridge. Ill be 28 in august.
  4. by   TABAJ5
    Glad to meet you! You can do it... I have had a lot of experince so if you feel lost, ask away happy to help. I hope that wee can all help each other to get through the next two years Congrats on your acceptance! See you at orentation!
  5. by   christinefeld
    Congratulations to all!
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  6. by   TABAJ5
    Cngrats! (But this is this thread is for students from College of the Canyons in SVC.)
  7. by   jumnie
    Hello all I found out yesterday that I was accepted for the Fall 2013 semester. I didn't even check my TEAS scores until after I got the acceptance letter cause I was way too nervous! I FINALLY had my family open the email...those seconds waiting to see what the answer was were torturous!

    A little about me...My name is Stephanie. I am 22 and a new mom to my 6 month old. I also work at HMNMH and have been a CNA for 3 years.

    How did you guys do on the TEAS? I got an 81 Pretty good considering the test was scheduled right after I got off my shift!
  8. by   TABAJ5
    Cool I am just starting Monday! Ill be on the cardic floor night shift. I got a 70 ;( so disapointed... I was moving from norcal to socal at the time so I was not myself...I have a good GPA, I guess it doesn't matter now. Good luck and congrats!
  9. by   CristinaOgm
    Looking forward to meeting you two! Tell me....what will u be able to do as an rn that u don't do as a can?
  10. by   CristinaOgm
    CNA.. Sorry autocorrect
  11. by   TABAJ5
    A CNA's scope of practice is basic patient care; meaning we do not give medications, or perform any type of invasive procedures. As a CNA I do vitals, record I/Os, help patients with activities of daily living, weights, EKGs, surgical preps, etc. I have been a CNA for 5 years, 4 of which have been in acute care. SNF are a bit diffrent.
  12. by   TABAJ5
    Hey have you looked into malpratice insurance (for school)? I was kind of confused because iit said if you already have a cert. (CNA) they automaticly "add" the RN student insurance at no additional charge? Just wandering if you have looked into it yet.