Chemistry CLEP?

  1. Hi all! I'm new here..posting for the first time, but have lurked for months. I'm wondering if anyone has taken the CLEP test in Chemistry to complete the pre-req for nursing school? I am taking it on Thursday morning and am "scaring myself silly" with the prospect. LOL I've never had "test anxiety' before, but I've never had SO MUCH on the line before either!!

    Here, you have to complete certain pre-reqs before being allowed to TAKE THE TEST to get a placement on the WAITING LIST to enter nursing school. One of the reqs. is post-secondary Chemistry within the last 5 years. (I completed a Chem. minor 10 years ago, but this req. cannot be waived.) I was given 3 options. Take a self-directed 8 wk "review" course, take a 16 week in-class "review" course, or CLEP it. If I get a satisfactory score on the CLEP, then I will be able to TAKE the entrance exam in Jan. or Feb., rather than this summer, after I would receive a grade for the other 2 options. I was told by admissions that this was the hardest of the options, and not even necessary, since it goes beyond the scope of what is taught in the 16 week course, BUT.........................

    If I "pass" it, I might actually have a shot at getting into the nursing program THIS fall. If not, it'll take a lot longer, since I'll have to do one of the other options before I can even take the entrance exam. I'd take A&P & Psych courses while waiting though.

    Anyway...just wondering if anyone has used this option before, and what your Chemistry background was - if you passed it successfully?? Admittedly, I am worried about having to recall SPECIFIC facts/constants, etc. that I haven't seen for 10 years...but I AM CRAMMING!!! - well, STUDYING for 3 weeks.

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