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  1. Hello, I don't come around here often. So forgive me if this post is a little repetitive.

    I am currently an LPN. However I went to a technical school to get the experience and knowledge needed for licensure. So i don't have an ASN, or ADN or anything like that.

    I need to know whats the best route to go through. I will be 28 when I head back to school, I don't want to do the 4 yr thing if I don't have to. Do associate RNs and BSNs have the same opportunities in regards to jobs and pay?

    I have some college credits already, but nothing even close to what I would need to transfer to a uni for upper level nursing courses.

    I'm just confused about it all right now, and I would really appreciate any advice or true life stories. Thanks
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  3. by   KatieBell
    Do associate RNs and BSNs have the same opportunities in regards to jobs and pay?

    It depends on the institution. In general, in most places, ASN RN and BSN RN get paid the same. Some places, New York state, for example, offer the BSN an additional amount to their pay based on the BSN.

    As far as career opportunities. BSN's possibly have opportunities in many ways. It is much easier to get a MSN if you already have a BSN, and you are more likely to be considered for management positions with a BSN. (I know of a very good interim manager who didn't get the full time job because he only had an associates degree). Although, again, this may very well be determined by the organization you are working at.

    If you are interested in furthering your education, or entering into management positions, but find that the expense of college is stopping you, you could get the associates degree, go to work, and use the hospitals continuing education benefits to get your BSN.