BSN to PhD as a New Grad

  1. Hi! I often read the posts on these forums when they come up in my google searches and decided it was finally time for me to join.

    I am a junior in a BSN program in Illinois. I am intent upon entering a BSN to PhD program after I graduate. I want to focus research on community and mental health disparities among urban populations and plan to work in psychiatric nursing as I complete my degree. I want to teach and do research and work on policy reform for mental and public health acts and believe that the PhD degree is the best route for me.

    Many of the posts I have read are against new grad nurses entering a BSN to PhD degree with little to no experience in the field they plan to do research and teach in. While I see that as a very valid point, if I know exactly where I want to place myself in my profession and know what I need to work towards to get there, is it still a bad idea?

    I will be working with the mental health population for my community health nursing course next fall and have also requested to take part in research of a study that a psychology professor at our school is conducting on sabatical, as none of our nursing professors are currently pursuing research.

    I am looking for any advice that will strengthen my applications to these programs being a new grad and also any suggestions on what programs would be best for my specific interest.

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