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  1. So to give a bit of context. I am a nursing student at a school in a 'rural' area. I love the area, the people are awesome, and I have also a background in Biology at a major research university in a main city of Canada.

    But, I am finding that the education - while it may be accredited and everything, may be less than ideal when compared to that of larger institutions in bigger city areas. We still have proper and adequate clinical experience, but a lot of the teaching is done through online means, and I feel that maybe they are limited in who they can get to offer these courses to us.

    I think that the onus is mostly on the student to achieve and become a good nurse anyhow, so I'm not worried.

    What I do want to know though - is what kind of books or resources can point me in the direction of some sort of 'standard' when it comes to this nursing knowledge? I do not believe we get to study all of the different facets of nursing, but only a few. I would like to know them all, and wouldn't mind it as my reading material on my free time.

    I hear a lot about this ATI coursework. It would be nice if my reading efforts translated into preparing me for the NCLEX as well.

    Though, lots of people also say that these books are a shill and sham.

    Anyhow, I just want to be the best possible nurse that I can be, and I feel like my capabilities are not (currently) being challenged. I am taking a full-course load and have LOTS of time to spare, aside from achieving good grades and indulging in self-care. I feel I can learn more, and I want to.

    What sort of books can give me a good insight (without breaking the bank) into nursing practice and standards?

    I'm currently studying in Canada, but entertain the possibility of working in the USA afterwards (in an underserved community, eventually going for my CRNA (if I go to US), or MSN-FNP).

    Any opinions are welcomed!

    Thanks all.
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