1. i have been taking the" practice boards" and seem to be doing poorly with only 50% right. i am doing great in school (a average) but the actual board questions i am having trouble with. i am so afraid of failing the state boards. any suggestions????
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  3. by   emily_mom
    In our school all of our tests are based on NCLEX type format. That way, we are used to the way they ask their questions. You must not have that at your school.

    I wish I had some great advice to give you, but my school has prepared us for it. A lot of nursing students fail out b/c they just can't get it. I would maybe just practice, practice, practice!

  4. by   llg
    Is there someone (e.g. a faculty member) with whom you could review the practice questions that you are getting wrong? If you could figure out WHY you are getting those particular questions wrong, you might be able to find a pattern in your mistakes. You could then address the problem with that pattern and improve your scores.

    People can choose the wrong answer to a test question for many different reasons. I think you should objectively analyze your incorrect responses and figure out what you are doing wrong. For example, you might be reading too much into the questions and/or making assumptions about the scenarios that are not justified. Those "wrong assumptions" lead you to choose the wrong answer.

    Then again, you might be choosing the incorrect responses for an entirely different reason. But then, you'll never know until you analyze your mistakes -- and I suggest you find someone to help you do that whose judgment you can trust. You might not like the results of that analysis. You may have to accept some critique about the way you approach test-taking and/or studying that you don't want to hear. The temptation will be to resist any critique and defend your previous method of studying and test-taking. But, you'll will probably need to change the way you do something in order to be more successfull -- but isn't that what learning is all about?