Beginning NCLEX questions

  1. Hello,
    I'm trying to find basic NCLEX questions to go through for help in taking 101 core concepts class and pharmacology. The questions on the test are NCLEX style and feel way beyond where I am at. All the NCLEX books I look at are nowhere near my level of knowledge as well.
    Does anyone know where online or a book that could help?

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  3. by   MB37
    The Saunders Comprehensive Review has each system split into, say "Respiratory" and "Respiratory medications." That helped me for some parts of pharm. Is "core concepts" Fundamentals? Those are a little harder to find sometimes, I have several NCLEX books and sometimes I can only find questions on part of what will be on each exam - i.e. our last exam was on Fluid and Electrolytes, which I found a ton of questions on, and the Nursing Process, which doesn't really have a section devoted to it in any of my NCLEX books. They're all mixed into every section, so I just learned the material and tried to understand how to apply it when it came to my clincal paperwork and the patients that I had seen.
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  4. by   Tristar
    Yes, core concepts is fundamentals.
    So I guess I'm just going to have to dig thru NCLEX books to find questions I can answer.

  5. by   carrie13
    I used the Saunders and Kaplan books for my NCLEX review. Looking back I don't think they would've helped much with my fundamentals course. Maybe a little bit on the infection control and the nursing process. But I wish I would've bought the Saunders book earlier in my program because our exam questions were very similar to Saunders once we got beyond Fundamentals.
  6. by   mysterious_one
    Try this book, it has all the subjects you need for fundamentals, not so much pharm, though.
  7. by   MB37
    Actually, I just bought Nursing Fundamentals: Reviews and Rationales by Hogan, Bowles, and White. It just came a day or two ago so I haven't seen how useful it is yet (I have an assessment test tomorrow, the next Fundamentals test isn't until next week). It does have some NCLEX questions with raionales though, and if you remind me next week I'll let you know if I though it helped.