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  1. OK so I know there are tons of people on this site from Indiana. Now I just found out today that BSU is planning an accelerated program in nursing for people with bachelor degrees in other study areas. But no other info yet. Does anyone know anything other than what they have printed? (19 month program, some scholarships available, preregs required) I do know that they in the past do not accept credit from Ivy Tech for anatomy and Phy., biology, chemistry and micro, and pharmacology (even with an A grade). Supposedly they want to recruit new people into the nursing profession. But I want to know if they are really making any changes or just saying they are. Seems to me that since Ivy Tech accepts their credits that they should recipricate. Many BSU students transfer to Ivy Tech and take our clinical spaces but we would have to retake the science classes at BSU to be in their nursing program. Again any news would be helpful.
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