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    Like many other college nursing programs, ours has also implemented the requirement to pass a comprehensive ATI practice test and the end of the semester. I have no problems passing Med-Surg and taking their tests, but when it comes to ATI I am completely lost. I have created a focused review, read the chapters in correlation, done all the practice tests and reviewed the rationales. I feel like the reading list for remediation is so long and scattered throughout many topics that it is impossible on my schedule to read everything it suggests me to. On our placement test at the beginning of the semester I made a 58.7%. The instructors just suggested that I remediate. Well, that I not helping at all. I am a visual/tactile learner and the accompanying videos that are in the focused reviewed a broad topics that do not help with the bulk of the information. Should I just go over the practice tests over and over? Pharmacology and Maternal Child are my worst subjects and I even read the entire ATI books with no improvement. Are there some creative and fun ways to learn this material someone has found out about? There has to be a better way to effecively learn this information.

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    I can't think of any fun ways to review the material.

    For pharmacology, have a look at the flashcards that I've posted here: Pharmacology Flashcards

    Beyond that, read the summaries at the end of each topic chapter and skim through the ATI books.

    Don't get bogged down in details and focus on prioritization, delegation, and safety.