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  1. hi,

    i'm looking for the following articles for my dissertation but have been unable to access them through my university athens account. i would be extremely grateful if anybody who is able to get them could help me......

    stannard d. puntillo k. miaskowski c. gleeson s. kehrle k. nye p. clinical judgment and management of postoperative pain in critical care patients. american journal of critical care. 1996 nov; 5(6): 433-41.

    nielsen lb. svantesson-martinsson eib. engberg ilb. an interview study of nurses' assessment and priority of post surgical pain experience. intensive & critical care nursing. 1994 jun; 10(2): 107-14.

    halfens r. evers g. abu-saad h. determinants of pain assessment by nurses. international journal of nursing studies. 1990; 27(1): 43-9.

    thanks in advance

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  3. by   shock-me-sane
    I am sorry, I don't have access to any of these. I go to work on Friday night and could check their database as they have access to many more articles online, I just don't know how soon you need them.
  4. by   mand1
    Thank you for trying. I am only writing my proposal at the moment so I'm not in need of them immediately. I have only read their abstracts but they seem to answer my research question and I would like to include them but cant unless I can get hold of a copy of them. I appreciate any help you could give me, thanks