Anyone take challenge exams?

  1. Hi again! Well, I talked to my advisor today, and he gave me some suggestions on financing my education. Since I'm not paying for my prereq's (I work for the University) I figure I'm going to go ahead and get started. I have the option of taking challenge exams to get out of A & P, Psych, Microbiology, and pathophysiology. My advisor recommended not testing out of A & P, said it just isn't a good idea, but said to definitely try to test out of the psych requirement. Has anyone taken the challenge exams for Microbiology or pathophysiology? I probably won't even attempt them until I am done with A & P, but I'd like to know if I got one of the "Made Ridiculously Easy" books or something if that would be enough to prep for the exam.

    Or are these other classes I really shouldn't test out of? And why does the University allow people to test out of A & P if it isn't a good idea. Sigh...
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  3. by   cursenurse
    micro and patho are both kind of intense and you probably should not try to test out. a & p should definitely be taken in a classroom setting since nursing does depend on being very familiar with the human body and how it works. also you will learn a lot in the lab portion of a & p, that is where everything that you learn in lecture is reinforced, reading at home is not a substitute for what you will learn by actually attending a & p class. you may want to clep out of some pre-reqs like psychology, sociology, eng comp, poly sci. i clepped out of psych and sociology with no problem and am preparing to clep poly sci. clepping is good for more basic classes, and only if you are disciplined enough to study on your own. as far as getting one of the "made ridiculously easy books," i dont recommend that you use that as a study guide for clepping. those books sometimes oversimplify things that should be examined in greater detail. I had one of those books on patho, and many of the diseases that i tried to look up were not even in the book. if you are going to clep or take a challenge exam you should get an actual textbook(available for free in the colllege library) and study from it. when i clepped psych for instance, i just checked out a textbook used for psych 101 and studied it.