Anyone graduating soon, preggers, & looking for job?

  1. I graduate in May and want to work part time at least, so I don't forget everything. However I'm 5 months pregnant. The internships require 6 month full-time commitment (can't do that). If I get a non-internship job I'm afraid I might not get the preceptorship and attention that I feel I need. I really want to work in women's health. Is anyone in the same boat and have advice? :spin:
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  3. by   NurseWeasel
    I was 5-6 months preggers when I graduated with my first degree. Could NOT get a job. Granted it was 15 years ago and I was totally upfront with potential employers. I said that I fully intended to take no more than 6 weeks off and come back with a full commitment to my career, which was true, but nobody would hire me. Things would be going great with the interview process, right up until I said I was pregnant (I didn't show much) - then I'd be shuffled right out the door. Hopefully things have improved in the meantime.

    On the other hand, except for the income portion of it, you're probably better off just taking this time to grow your baby and prepare the nest. You won't forget all that you've learned in that short of time.

    When you apply for jobs after the baby's born, nobody will question the fact that you didn't take a job for 4 months prior to having the baby. Just be up front about the fact that you were 5 months pregnant and nobody would hire you (if that happens) - they'll understand!

    I send you blessings and prayers that things will work out for the best.