Anyone going to MCPHS?

  1. Hi all,

    MCPHS has 3 different campuses, one in boston, manchester and one in worcester. They are all fairly new; I am going to the one in Worcester. It's a very expensive program, but I really like the faculty and what they have to offer

    Anyoneelse on this forum heard of it or is going there?
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  3. by   arciedee
    I looked at the one in Manchester. Right now they just have the PA and PharmD programs there and they hadn't started constructing the nursing labs when I visited so I didn't get to see them, though they did show us the PA labs and they seemed nice. I was also really impressed with all the technology they have in the classrooms. Originally the Manchester ABSN class was supposed to start in January and would have taken lectures "together" with the Worcester class via teleconference. They definitely put a lot of effort into making sure that the class that wasn't physically in front of the professor would still get a full classroom experience (i.e. the instructor would be able to see if someone in the remote class raised their hand and would call on them, microphones were at each desk, etc.).

    The biggest reason I didn't apply was because of the push back in start date... I was already applying to a direct-entry MSN program that started in January and ended up being accepted there. My other concerns mainly hinged around the price (the direct-entry program is at a public school) and the fact that Manchester only has two general hospitals plus a VA hospital and there are already three or four other nursing programs in the area using those sites. The school hadn't nailed anything down yet, which I know realize is just the way these things go, but at the time I was really worried about that. Plus I was also just worried that nursing was such a new program at MCPHS in general and I would have been in the first Manchester class. From what I've heard about the Worcester program though, it's quite intense but sounds like they're getting a great education. The school is definitely putting a lot of effort into making it a strong program. I wish you the best of luck there.
  4. by   ashlee22
    thanks so much and good luck to you; I wish you the best of luck; I looked into direct entry programs as well but i wanted something quicker; I live in CT and Yale has an excellent program that i was going to apply but then i went to the info session in Worcester and spoke to a few people in the program;;;they all say its very intense but love the quality education and their teachers. Also, the hospitals near them all really like the students and say that they are 110% prepred---this is why I chose the program despite the fact that its really expensive
  5. by   arciedee
    I'd looked into Yale, too. It sounds like an excellent program, but yeah, three years is a long time. Plus I didn't feel like I had enough knowledge to make an educated decision about specialty at this point. Luckily the program I'm going to is for clinical nurse leadership, which is a generalist degree and will only take two years (and I will have my RN after the first year and a half and can start working then). But if I hadn't been accepted there I definitely would have looked into MCPHS.
  6. by   NurseInTheWorks
    I'm going to MCPHS 16-month BSN program (Manchester) in the fall. At first I was a little nervous because the program there is brand new, but I loved the school and I know MCPHS has an excellent reputation. I am so excited to start! Anyone else going here?
  7. by   ashlee22
    Nurse in the works ,,I was very nervous as well since its not accredited yet, but they assured us at the orientation that it will be i'm not worried about it. I love the teachers and I love how the students are very well prepared for the real world. They have an excellent reputation at the near by hospitals; I'm excited yet nervous to start, but im certain I made a good decision

    pm me if you have any questions