Anyone apply to Drexel Ace Program - I'm a nervous wreck!!

  1. hey , I have applied to the Drexel Ace for Fall 2008 and I am so anxious!! i have not heard a reply yet but I will be going to their open house tomorrow.
    I have a 2.81 GPA so i don't know what do u think?
    You think they will accept me?
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  3. by   rosiekay
    Quote from fouziathegr8
    I applied for the DREXEL ACE program for the Fall 2008 and I have not heard anything from them yet. I have a 2.81 GPA from my bachelors degree but I still have to take nutrition, ethics and statistics. What do u think are the percentage of me getting accepted? If I don't get accepted, I was thinking of the coop. Can someone transfer from a Coop to an ACE program?
    Relax! Perhaps if you do well in your pre-reqs, things will work out. I think Drexel is holding tight to their required 3.0 GPA. To be honest, I have not heard of someone going from the COOP to the ACE...only the other way around. Perhaps you can do a search of this forum for other ACE students. There are alot of us on this site. Good luck and take a deep breath!
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    Thanx Geomar428!