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  1. Hi are there any UT Houston RN Students on this site?
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  3. by   MK2002
    I am not yet a student there, but I might transfer to that school eventually. Currently, I am working on prerequisites while working full time. There is an UTH Information Session next week for the BSN program. Do you think it is worth attending this event? I live in Dallas, so it would be quite a long drive requiring an overnight stay. Also, does the department have a waiting list for entry?
  4. by   lacharmante
    I am attending the school right now and I do not like it. Maybe it is because I went from a small community college to a big school where I am just a number. I have found it difficult to find my place there. The session is worth attending so that you can see if this place is for you.
  5. by   MK2002
    A university can be a shock if you are used to a smaller academic environment. Did you apply in the Fall of one year and then begin classes the following year? Or did you have any waiting period?

    Depending on the weather and other factors, I might attend the Information Session next week. Given that I have quite a while before transferring, there is no rush. But I am taking vacation from work next week, so I have the time if necessary. I just don't care to spend about $200 on gas, hotel, meals, and cat boarding costs if I can learn enough from the website. Not to mention the long drive, probably 350 miles or more each way. I requested some literature, and instead of material I received a standard e-mail form letter telling me to contact the school if I have specific questions.