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hey guys- just looking to make a few friends, study buddies/groups in advance. my name is ann marie and i am attending triton college for fall 2012 and from what i'm told by the past/current... Read More

  1. by   charitynaf
    How is the classic? Do you feel official now? I feel like I will when mine comes. I went yesterday to turn in my medical forms and saw Tatiana. She said that she will be emailing us by August 6th to let us know which one of our schedule choices we got. I also went to the bookstore and my uniform was not there. He told me to call on Monday to check again, but of course, I'm panicking!
  2. by   ahnmuhree
    the classic is the best investment of my life (ok a little overboard, but i think you get it). i was running around listening to everything like i was 3 again and taking my blood pressure over and over again. i even tried it on my little puppy just to see how well it worked lol. everything is starting to set in and it's almost surreal. two years is gonna flyyyyyy by so fast.

    wait, so tatiana said for sure by august 6th? that would make sense since they are doing the lottery system on the 1st. and that gives me a little relief because they were originally saying (at orientation) to log on to blackboard around the 15th to check your schedule. i was a little upset about that because depending on the schedule i get, i will need to inform my employer, and if we have to wait until the 15th, i won't even be able to give my formal 2-weeks notice. i'm sooooo anxious about finding out my schedule!!!

    did the bookstore say anything about other students' uniforms not coming in?? i'm concerned with why they wouldn't have everyone's if we all ordered them on the same day...? the good part is at least clinicals don't start until october so if they need to reorder them, you still have time.
  3. by   charitynaf
    When I went in to T****** to give her my paperwork I asked her about the 15th, just to confirm that that was the day to expect. She said that since the lottery is done on the first, she was setting a goal for herself to get out email to everyone letting us know which of our choices we got. So if that is the case we only have a little over two weeks to wait!! I'm really anxious, too. My oldest daughter starts kindergarten on the 28th, so I can't wait to figure out if I will be able to bring her or not. I'm also excited to know where I will be doing clinicals.

    The bookstore made it seem like there might be more uniforms coming in. If felt like maybe some came in and some didn't, but he couldn't confirm if my order had been placed. You are right, though. I have time before I really need it.

    Have you made a decision about the picnic tomorrow? If you are not coming, is there anything you'd like me to ask for you? I'm planning on finding out more about the clinical rotations, like what order we do them in and which hospitals we are able to go to for each. I'm sure I'll think of a thousand more things to ask while I'm there. Maybe I should bring a notebook. Ha!
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  4. by   charitynaf
    I thought clinicals start the week of September 18th. Am I wrong?
  5. by   ahnmuhree
    sorry i didn't respond sooner- i was unable to make it to the picnic because i had a graduation party to attend. how was it? did you get any good information?

    i really hope tatiana can get back to us through email! that would be soooo helpful because i can formally speak with my employer about my work availability without guessing what my schedule will be.

    and i am soooo sorry- i was looking at old paperwork from school and realized the clinical start dates are so wrong. per the class schedules (the green and blue sheets), clinicals do start the week of september 18th, which is correct. disregard, disregard, disregard what i said about october!! i feel like we've had so many dates beat into us that my brain is turning to mush haha.