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Hi all! I am new to this site and I am a brand new nursing student. I am a retired NYC police officer and a single mom of 4 (2 at home, 2 on their own.) I am excited and terrified all at once!! I am... Read More

  1. by   sherylwaudby
    Dear all "older" new nursing students,

    After reading many replies to this post, my fear of going back to school has somewhat diminished.

    I'm 32 years old, starting my prereq's in January 2002. I'm so thankful to of found this web site! The support and positive feedback is so encouraging!

    Thank you all and good luck!

  2. by   Katnip
    Oops. I mean I'll graduate 2003. Getting ahead of myself.
  3. by   Agnus
    You'll fit in just great. I graduated at 50 and I was not the oldest. Now days going back to school there are a LOT of real adults to share the experience with, especially in nursing.

    For some reason nursing students tend to be older and the younger ones are more mature than average. You'll find plenty of friends with whom you will relate.

    By the way, I'm still taking a class (statistics) and there are 2 students older than me.

    The youngest ones dropped out early. Hmm! Does that tell you anything?
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  4. by   Agnus
    You'll fit in just great. I graduated at 50 and I was not the oldest. Now days going back to school there are a LOT of real adults to share the experience with, especially in nursing. For some reason nursing students tend to be older and the younger ones are more mature than average. You'll find plenty of friends who you will be able to relate to. By the way I'm still taking a class (statistics) and there are 2 older than me. The youngest ones dropped out early. Hmm! Does that tell you anything?
  5. by   TRISHnotyetRN
    I am new to this board. I have been a lurker for a while and decided to join in the fun. Some of your posts crack me up. Anyway, I am 29 (well almost, on 12/3). I went to school to be a medical assistant some ten years ago. I then served four years in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. It was a great experience and I learned a lot. I then worked for an ophthamologist for a few years and the past three years I have been a stay-at-home mom. I have a 2 yr old and a 6 yr old, both boys. Which for you moms that have sons translates to the energy of about ten children.

    Anyway, I am slowly working on becoming a nurse. I'll probably finish in about 6 YEARS!! Oh, well better late than never!

  6. by   BRONXBABY
    Hey Trish,

    Glad you decided to stop lurking and join the insanity!! ( LOL )

    Sounds like you've had a pretty busy life already, like me. Well, after spending all that fun time at home with your boys, (I have a 4 yr old and an 18 yr old, both boys) ha ha...we both decided to do something else!!

    Glad you joined us...good luck in school!!

    Let me know how you do, we'll talk again soon!!

  7. by   KatWright
    Good for you !!
    And you know in 6 years you'll be 35 (almost) with or without the degree !! So you might as well be 35 (almost) with it !!
    Good luck !!
  8. by   TRISHnotyetRN
    Gosh! Remember when you were little and you used to think that 30's were soooo old. Man I'm almost there. You know, I still feel like a kid though! Now where did I put that candy?!!
  9. by   BRONXBABY
    I remember my Mom being my age now (38) and I thought she was ancient!!

    Boy, how different I feel these days about 30 being old!! LOL

    I just wish I had the energy I used to have, with all of the things I've learned by now...then I could work full time and go to school full time and NOT be dog tired by the end of the day.

    I remember as a cop I could work my 4 to Midnight, party all night and be at court by 7:30 the next morning, on no sleep...and not think anything of it (boy, the good, old days!!)

    Now, I'm lucky if I can actually make midnight on New Year's Eve!!! LOL...

    Oh well, good things are ahead for me, (and all of us) that much I know.

    I don't think I'd wanna re-do some of my younger years. Too intense!!

    Have a good day, all!!!

  10. by   StudentSandra
    go for it!!!!

    i'm 43 and have just started in the first year of an adn program. i took last year to do my support classes (just have comp2 left ugg). i just found this site. there were 2 students older than me that have dropped, one due to financial reasons and the other because she felt the physical part was going to be too hard, but she had some medical problems.

    i'm loving it.

    good luck to all the students on this board.
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  11. by   betts
    I've been in nursing since,ummm;anyway,below are
    A Layman's Guide to Medical Terminology which will help you too remember>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    bductor pollicis brevis Brave policeman kidnapper
    Adenoids Space creatures that are keeping Elvis alive on Pluto
    Aerobe A garment worn around the house
    Anally Occuring yearly
    Anasthesia A Russian princess you studied in school
    Anesthetist Stalker of bird houses
    Ankle Opposite of aunty
    Antacid Halucinagenic drugs used by little bugs
    Anthrax Trail made by ants
    Antibodies Things uncles are familiar with
    Antibody Your aunty is Elle McPhearson
    Artery Study of paintings
    Asthma What you do if dad says no
    Atrophy Prize for winning
    Autoblast A car horn
    Autopsy The hood of a car
    Ax-Bi-Fem A tool used by a woman to chop wood
    Bacteria Back door to a cafeteria
    Bandages Rock groups
    Barium What doctors do when treatment fails
    Benign What you are after you be eight
    Bilateral Someone who speaks two languages
    Bisexual A person who pays for sex
    Blood Count Dracula
    Botulism Making mistakes
    Bowel A letter like A, E, I, O, or U
    Bronchitis Dinosaur from the Plastasine Age
    Bruise A six pack of beer
    Buck Fever Incessant craving for dollar bills
    Burger's Disease From eating in too many fast food joints
    Cardiac Someone crazy about old cars
    Cardioplasty Credit card
    Carditis Addicted to poker
    Caesarean Section A district in Rome
    Carpal People who drive to work together
    Catalyst A guy who works on a ranch
    Cataract A whole lot nicer than a Chevrolet
    Catarrh. Stringed instrument
    Cathode Ray The amount Ray billed Cathy
    Cat Scan Looking for kitty
    Cauterize Made eye contact with her
    Cavity Drinks from the menu
    Cilia Their kids
    Colic A sheep dog
    Colostomy Can't find Collin
    Coma A punctuation mark
    Congenital Friendly
    Conjunctivitis Prisoners littering their cells with trash
    Cortisone The justice zone
    Cystine Chapel with a painted ceiling
    Cystogram A telegram to your sister
    D&C Where Washington is
    Delirium A large room with meat hanging from the ceiling
    Denial Where Cleopatra swam
    Dental Condition of a car after a wreck
    Diarrhea Journal of daily events
    Dilate To live long
    Dropsy Inability to hold on to anything
    Dyspareunie Don't worry
    Electrode Amount due to the power company
    Elixir What a dog does to his master
    Enema Not a friend
    Enteritis A penchant for burglary
    ER The things you hear with
    Eustachian Where you catch the U train
    Fester Quicker
    Fibula Small lie
    Fibrillate Tell lies
    Flatulate Fix a tire
    Flocculation Admired by a group of birds
    Fracture Part of a whole
    Galactose Arch-enemy of the Fantastic Four
    Gall bladder An anti-Roman vessel
    Gangreen Gang colors
    Ganglia A bad part of LA
    Gargles Quasimodo's friends
    Gastric Something you can do with a bunsen burner
    Genital Non-jewish
    Genome Lawn figure
    Genotype Kind of girl Gino dates
    G.I. Series Soldier ball game
    Gloss Very shiny
    Grippe Suit case
    Hangnail Coat hook
    Head nurse Alka-seltzer
    Hemorrhoid What you offer to a hitchiker
    Heparin Name of a famous movie star
    High Colonic Jewish religious holiday
    Homogenous A brilliant gay
    Homosexual One who has sex at home
    Hormone A prostitute's cry
    Humerus Funny bone
    Hymen Opposite of high women
    Hypodermic Big, fat zoo animal
    ICU Peek-a-boo
    Ileal conduit Leave for Con to do
    Impotent Distinguished; well known
    Ingrown Hair A rabbit raised indoors
    Injection Opposite of rejection
    Inpatient Anxious, fidgety
    Intense Pain Torture in the teepee
    Intern One after another
    Isodense I ain't too smart
    Kidney The joint between a child's hip and ankle
    Labor Pain Getting hurt at work
    Liver A person who lives on and on
    Lumbar Wooden planks
    Lymphocytes Where people with sore legs can walk
    Mammary Something you remember
    Mandible Cannibal food
    Medical Staff Doctors cane
    Megahertz Hurts real bad!
    Melancholia A breed of dog that eats cantaloupe
    Microgram Small cracker
    Minor Operation Coal digging
    Miscarriage Losing your shopping cart
    Morbid Higher offer
    Nanogram Telegram delivered by your grandmother
    Nitrate Cheaper than a day rate
    Node Was aware of
    Oral Mountain range in Russia
    Organic Musical
    Organ transplant T ime to call the piano movers
    Otomy My car not yours
    Outpatient Person who has fainted
    Pap smear Fatherhood test
    Paradox Two doctors
    Pasteurize Too far to see
    Patella To caress one's female companion
    Pathological The reasonable way to go
    Pathology Study of roadmaps
    Pedicure Prescription for Fido
    Peduncle What baby did on uncle's lap
    Pelvis Cousin of Elvis
    Penis To pee in Venice
    Pharmacy Cultivating the ocean floor
    Phenobarbital Peanut butter balls
    Phlebitis Why dogs scratch
    Plaster cast Free beer backstage
    Platelet A saucer
    Pneumonia Inventive complaining
    Postoperative Letter carrier
    Prepuce Before it turned dark
    Prolapse Nascar race track
    Prostate Flat on your back
    Protein Favoring young people
    Rarefaction A number not commonly used in math
    Recovery room Place to do upholstery
    Rectum Dang near killed him!
    Relapse Second time around the track
    Resonance imaging A DaVinci painting
    Retractor Second hand John Deere
    Rheumatic Amorous
    Rhinoplasty Charge card for the zoo
    Scapula Burger flipper
    Scar Rolled tobacco leaf
    Sebum A surfer
    Secretion Hiding something
    Senile Viewing an Egyptian river
    Serology Study of English knighthood
    Seizure Roman emperor
    Shock Ocean fish with sharp teeth
    Speculum Uncle Lum's glasses
    Sphincter An Egyptian statue
    Squamous Cell Pocahontas put it up for sale
    Sterile solution An option to the elevator
    Supraclavicular Interstate traffic pile-up
    Surgery A reason to get an uninterruptable power suply
    Suture Someone who works for customs
    Systole Your sister told on you
    Tablet A small table
    Talus Request an answer
    Tension What the officer demands of his troops
    Terminal Illness Getting sick at the airport
    Testicles Books of the Bible
    Tibia Country in North Africa
    Tissue God bless you!
    Toe To take away your car
    Tolerance What you get after giving growth hormone to ants
    Transexual Having sex while driving
    Trapezius Circus high-wire act
    Triple bypass Better than a quarterback sneak
    Tubule Two oxes
    Tumor More than one
    Ulna Name of a girl from Norway
    Urinate What a nurse says to patient in room eight
    Urine Opposite of "You're Out"
    Urogram Finally your son has a kid
    Vagina People who live in the state of Virginia
    Varicose Near by
    Vas deferens Not at all similar
    Vein Conceited
    Vulva Swedish automobile
    Waiting room Heavy space
    Windpipe Aboriginal musical instrument
    Wound Will not

    The RIGHT ANSWERS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  12. by   Jacaut
    Very good! Thanks for the laughs, betts!!!!!

  13. by   nurseybikerchic
    WOW!, how long did it take you to type that list? .Nice one though, just the tonic I need right now. Been on a bit of a downer this week cos the university decided to change our timetable without consulting us or even warning us first. They say our placement hospitals are short of places to put the increased number of students coming through so they gave us three weeks extra holiday in January. Fine, yeh, I can live with that, but the sting in the tail, they take three weeks holidays away from us in return in the summer!. Basically translated, I don't get time with my kids over christmas as I am making up time. The kids are at school during the extra holidays in Jan and in summer I dont get any time off at all with the kids. Pretty damn lousy!. All this has happened because the government wants more nurses. Trouble is they mess us students around so much it'll be a miracle if we make it to the end of the course, bit counterproductive if you ask me. Anyway, end of moan!, how you other mature students finding your courses right now, anyone got any exams coming up, I got one just before christmas, nice timing or what?