Any IUPUI Accelerated BSNers out there?

  1. Hey just wondering if there are any fellow IUPUI Accelerated BSN students here starting in May 2007. Im getting pretty pumped for it!! Also any current students in other cohorts or grads from the program? What is it like? What can I expect? I have so many ?s about it... hoping there are some out there :spin:
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  3. by   BouBou
    Congratulations. I applied for Fall 07 to the traditional program and I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for an interview,a letter, or a flare signal. I have one friend who applied for the accelerated. We live in Columbus.
  4. by   alsolwish
    Well good luck to you both... I know how anxious that wait can make us! I use to live in Columbus actually... and really liked it. What starting date did your friend apply for? Keep posted when u find out!