Any CSUDH Fall 2009 MEPN Applicants Out There???

  1. I stumbled upon this forum during my search for CSUDH Fall 2009 MEPN applicants out there other than myself. I am anxiously waiting to hear anything from the school since I had my interview in February. Please feel free to join me in the wait because you are not alone!
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  3. by   james1twentyseven
    Hi! I am an applicant also I had my interview just in the beginning of April...I'm still waiting to hear from them also. Have you heard yet?
  4. by   Ba2LaCa
    Hi! I had me interview in mid February. You wrote that you had your interview just this month? Wow,they really must be running behing because they said at my workshop that they ahould be done with all interview by March and start sending out letters in early April. I still have not received any letter yet so that must be why. I called Jorge last week and said they hadn't made any decisions on my file yet. I'm praying everyday that I get that magical envelop in the mail :icon_roll.

    You should join us in the pre-nursing students forum. I found a few other CSUDH Fall 2009 applicants and we have a thread going on where we keep each other posted.
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  5. by   james1twentyseven
    Oh wow! You haven't heard yet? That's surprising...I have a friend of a friend who had her interview a while ago...I think maybe January or February, and she heard 2 months later and got in...but I don't think you need to worry, because I went to the late workshop in February, and at the workshop they told us that they were going to hold all the files and make the decisions together. So maybe she just got lucky. I just hope that I find out before summer school starts because I had to pay for the classes that begin May 30th, and the drop date to get a refund is 2 weeks prior. But I don't want to call and bug. Anyways, let me know if you hear anything Oh, great! Where is the forum at?