Ancient Nursing Exams

  1. Have any of you ever noticed that nursing exams don't seem to follow what you've read in your required textbook? Are your lectures noncongruent with how your textbooks are layed out?

    This past semester I noticed that two of my professors were using overheads that came from a completly different texts and editions than what we were required to purchase. I asked one of my professors about this after class and she said it came from a text she loved about 8 years ago. I went to the library to find this ancient textbook and was rewarded well on the exams! This was the textbook her multiple choice questions were derived from so I read the chapters and did much better since it followed her lecture outlines. The last three classes I have received A's by doing this.

    My advice to everyone is to ask your profs if they reccommend any older texts they have liked in the past and then check them out from your school library. My guess is that professors write an exam from a text they either started out with or really liked and pretty much keep it for years and years.

    Anyone else noticed their tests coming from ancient textbooks?
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  3. by   blue eyes
    Very few of our nur1301 quizzes have come directly from the text or lecture notes. On student WebCT we can access a WebMCQ (multiple choice question) which contains a practice quiz for our body org, cardio, chem and physics quiz.

    Recently I found out that is where MCQ quizzes are mostly derived from.