Am I eligible to do an ELMSN program?

  1. Hi All!

    I need help deciding on what to do. I'm so glad I found this forum. I am currently an undegraduate Senior studying Agriculture and Environmental Education (B.S.). I realized my passion for nursing at the end of spring quarter, but still want to finish out my bachelors program. I've looked into ABSN and MSN programs. I think that an MSN program would suit me best as I eventually want to be an FNP. I will still need to take a few pre-requistes before applying. I just got hired working for a non profit that helps developmentally disabled adults. I am a personal assistant to a woman who needs help with all her daily living activities (bathing, eating, going to the bathroom, etc...).

    I have two questions about my eligibility.

    1) Unlike many people who I've read about applying for the ELMSN program, I will be fresh out of college with little experience. Will working for the personal assistant job for 2 years before I apply be enough experience to qualify me for this program? Or do I need hospital experience?

    2) I've been reading a lot lately about new grads having difficulty finding jobs. If I do the ELMSN program (3 1/2- 4 years) will I be able to get a job after graduation as an NP with 630 hours experience (amount of clinical praticum in SMU ELMSN-FNP program)?

    *I should note that the programs I am aiming for will allow me to become an RN after 4 semesters and I could work part time to get more experience.

    What do you all think is my best option in reaching my goal of becoming an FNP based on my background.
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