1. Dear Friends:
    I am doing my pre-requisites for nursing school and I am really struggling in the algebra course. Granted, this teacher really is not a teacher, I have asked for help, along with a few other people my age. But to no avail. I am very frustrated and I am thinking of withdrawing and starting with a new teacher in the spring. Do you guys think this sounds like a pretty good idea or not.
    Thanks for the feedback.
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  3. by   farmmom
    I am cramming right now for algebra, before I have it in the spring.Believe you me I feel for you.Just finsihed a three hour study but doesn't your school offer free tutoring mine does. If you are really struggling then go for it but if you can find someone to help you please don't hold off you progression in fear that you may give up your schooling
  4. by   dianthe1013
    There's a really great book called Algebra For The Clueless by Bob Miller. He has a series of books about different levels of math, and is reeeeally great. Everything is explained in very clear, plain language, and there are wonderful examples.

    I don't mind admitting that it's saving my skin this semester. A high B is more than I ever thought I'd earn in this class.

    The book is published by McGraw-Hill, and the ISBN is 0-07-043425-5.

    Hey I am in Algebra classes now. I can try to help you if you like. I have had to struggle but with the guys here have helped me and I am now back up to an average of 96. Just email me if you want some help. Don't mind a bit......
  6. by   researchrabbit
    Have you checked into tutors? Most schools have them available at no charge.
  7. by   janis9799
    I know at my college they have a math lab to help people who are having trouble understanding math or chemistry classes.
  8. by   JAYNE :DANCE:
    yeap that dreaded algebra, hated it when I was in school, still hate it now I am out of school......................Ask for help and study, study, study........
  9. by   bhppy
    Algebra can be easy if you know the rules to it.

    **My college offers free tutoring sessions, if yours does take advantage of them.
    **Take a look at a local bookstore and find a book on
    Algebra Made Easy.
    **Check out
    their calculators are for simple problems, but they do give you the step by step to get to your answers, which may help you understand what you are doing.
    **You can also e-mail me with one of your problems and I'll try to help!

    Best of luck to you!
  10. by   ggfifirn05

    I understand where you're coming from...I'm feeling the same about my Algebra class. I did terrible on my first test, and our 2nd one is tomorrow night. My teacher is foreign, and although I really like her personality (she's very upbeat), she's still quite hard to understand. Plus, she's also one of those crazy people that eats, sleeps and breathes mathematics, and doesn't understand why the rest of the world doesn't share her enthusiasm. I can tell many of my classmates have had her for other math classes, because she seems to know them, but I haven't had any Algebra since 1995, when I was pursuing a business degree, so I'm having a tough time picking it back up.

    Why do we have to take this class for prereqs anyway? I know its supposed to teach us "critical thinking skills", but I'm a "non-traditional" student of 46 years young, embarking on my 2nd career (I currently work in the financial world, and have managed quite successfully without college algebra until now, thank you!) and it just seems such a waste of time and energy to struggle through this class. I know the basics...FOIL, factoring, square roots. When will I use this in nursing? And don't we pretty much have computers to do this sort of "computing" for us these days?
    I have given myself "permission" to get a "C" in this class, despite the 3.95 GPA I have right now, just to get it over with and be able to apply to the nursing program at year end.

    My daughter, who is a math whiz, tutored me for a few hours last week, and her explanations in simple english helped quite a bit. My son gave me several websites to check out, which I will do later on today. I'll think I'll be fine, and I know that class last Monday seemed to make more sense after my daughter's tutoring.

    Hang in there, give it your best shot, and take the advise of the other posters...go to the math lab, see about a tutor, and check out the other resources. Just don't give up on your dream now. Good luck