Advice for mastering the metric system?

  1. Why, when the test is coming up in three and a half days (Tuesday of next week) am I still struggling with memorizing the metric system? Is there anything that can help it stick, anything to make it make sense to me so I can recall it during conversion problems?
    I'm so stressed out with my failure to click that I just don't know what to do.
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  3. by   lvn2004
    Have you made flash cards? We have a test next Tuesday over this and I made flash cards and have written it down several times. Others in my class say they have learned it one line at a time.
    Best of luck to you
  4. by   shyne
    I used index cards to memorize them. I've also used my math book to practice some of the problems.
  5. by   Catma63
    To tell you the truth, I'd seen the suggestion to make flash cards before but , and this is embarassing to admit, I'm not sure how to "do" the flash cards.
    What would I do?
    Put 1 g on one side and 1000 mg on the other?
  6. by   shyne
    Yeah, you could do it that way or just list all of the conversions on one side. It's good to make it as a flash card because it will not have the answer in front of you. If it doesn't work for you, try writing them down over and over again. Good Luck!