ADN school in Texas?

  1. Hola,
    I'm getting ready to take prereqs and would like to know if anybody knows of a school in Texas that is quick and easy to enter. I have a B.A. in Bio, but with a GPA of 2.1 (10 years and 3 lives ago), I wasn't even planning on mentioning that I went to college at all.

    I can all but guarantee A's in the prereqs and will nail any standardized test you put in front of me, but I'm too unemployed to wait a year or two to get into school. Texas is a big place...any ideas?

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  3. by   AmyB
    San Jac in Houston/Pasadena area has a great ADN program (94% pass rate on the NCLEX last year). You can use GPA or ACT score to get in (unless your ACT is 19-20 or so). I used my ACT and they don't even look at grades if that's the option you choose. They also begin the program each Jan and Aug. I'm in my second (and hardest!) semester and am trying to hang in there until May. Good luck!
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  4. by   Renee' Y-Y
    Tarrant County College - Ft. Worth has a good ADN program, however, is very competitive as far as entry is concerned. The other thing you might consider, is once you get all your pre-reqs, even a BSN isn't much longer than an ADN.
  5. by   ejm99
    Whatever you do...DON'T even CONSIDER HCC (Houston COmmunity College)...they have a ADN program but everyone I know that has gone has said it was a waste since they came out knowing NOTHING...w/ few skills. Having been thru a year of that program I can honestly say it's all about nursing THEORY...and not about skills or basic medical knowledge and that's not the way to educate a nurse.
    I am going to North Harris College soon...can't decide between ADN or LVN program though...still working on it..