4th Semester preceptorshp start and I am freakin out! HELP

  1. I start preceptorshp next week as my final hurdle of the nursing program. I am freakin out. There will be no more instructors or prep nights. It is like my mind has drawn a blank on what to. I have struggled majorly during nursing school. Nothing came easy for me no matter how well I was prepared. So now going into preceptorship I am on pins and needles because I have come this far and it could boil down to me graduating June 5 or doing something and having to repeat in the fall. Can anyone offer advice who is in preceptorship, just finished, etc?
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  3. by   porcelina22
    Hi Purple!

    I'm in preceptorship right now and I LOVE IT! I don't have to prep the night before, I don't have instructors breathing down my neck, I don't have paperwork to turn in afterwards...it's awesome! I go in and work, just like I will after I graduate!

    The key is to look at this as a learning experience. Absorb all you can. Try to see as much as you can. Learn from your preceptor, ask lots of questions, and try to perform as many skills as you can! There's nothing to be stressed out about. It has been an incredible experience for me so far. Way better than any other clinical shift where I had to stress about getting my assesments written, getting my meds written down, and keeping an eye out for my instructor in case she wanted to witness me preforming a skill. This is so much less stressful!!!

    Have fun!
  4. by   firstyearstudent
    I am just finishing up my 4th semester preceptorship and it has been so great. I finally feel like I'm doing some nursing. My preceptors have been so nice and patient.

    It's more responsibility, absolutely, but less stress because no one is standing over your shoulder ready to mark you down or criticize yoou for fumbles. Contaminate a needle? Just toss it out and get another one!

    And it's not nearly as stressful as being a new nurse because you can always run to your preceptor and get her advice.

    It's totally fun!